Solving Clinical Challenges

Five expert faculty are waiting for your questions and your challenging patient cases to develop each of their CME/CE presentations for the 34th annual Psych Congress, being held October 29–November 1, 2021 in San Antonio, TX. These 4 sessions all share similar titles: "Solving Clinical Challenges".

These sessions will address complex conundrums that are faced by Psych Congress attendees in managing their patients battling four different disorders.      

  1. Charles DeBattista, MD will be addressing Major Depressive Disorder
  2. Jonathan M. Meyer, MD and Sarah MacLaurin, PMHNP-BC will be addressing Schizophrenia
  3. Timothy E. Wilens, MD will be addressing Substance Use Disorders 
  4. Pratap Rao Chokka, MD, FRCPC  will be addressing Anxiety Disorder

Challenges that may be addressed in these presentations include:

  • Diagnostic nosology, accurate diagnosis, and screening
  • Pharmacologic treatments
  • Side effect management
  • Non-pharmacologic treatments

If you are interested in submitting a question or challenging patient case for any of these faculty to consider, please fill the corresponding form below. You do not have to submit a question for each presenter.

The deadline to submit your questions is Friday, July 9. Once expired, all questions will be reviewed and sent to the respective presenters who will then begin to structure their presentation for the meeting this October.

Psych Congress cares about the challenges mental healthcare providers face. All questions and cases submitted will be carefully considered to be addressed in these educational programs.